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Promoting endpoint security and industry leadership for a fast growing cybersecruity specialist

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Avecto was founded on the vision of preventing corporate cyberattacks without impacting individual employee productivity. Since the launch of their first product in 2008 the company experienced phenomenal global demand for their endpoint security software.

Today Avecto protects over 8 million endpoints at some of the world’s largest companies and boasts awards from some of the most recognised names in the industry.


Creating an exciting new online experience

We began working with Avecto in August 2015. At the time their website was only two years old but already proving problematic. The content and design didn’t fit with the brand and their Content Management System (CMS) was difficult to work with, yet nearly impossible to update.

The site had quickly become a little like a maze, hard to navigate and difficult to understand. Essentially the CMS was challenging, the site design wasn’t working and the user experience was really suffering.

We knew that there were two sides to delivering Avecto a solution that really worked for them. Their site needed to resonate with their audiences and be driven by a CMS that was really easy for them to use.

Placing users at the center of our approach

Beginning with the existing site our first task was to understand the problems users were experiencing, then build from there. Statistical and behavioural analysis highlighted some of the fundamental usability issues, including:

  • The effect of inconsistent design and behaviour
  • Navigational roadblocks
  • The impact of poor front-end performance
  • Confusion caused by duplicated content

The site needed to work well for a variety of users, each arriving with a different purpose. Some discovering Avecto and their offerings for the first time, others analysing and researching products. Some wanting guidance on best practice, others white papers and industry news. Our challenge was creating a user experience that worked for all.

Mobile by design

The process of turning ideas and insight into reality

Rapid prototyping

Building on what we'd learned about people visiting and using the site we held a series of workshops developing prototypes into fully interactive wireframes. A constant cycle of questioning and refining meant we could quickly move from initial idea to a fully working, content driven, prototype.

Adding delight

A brand experience

Confident we had the user experience, site structure and content working well we collaborated closely with the team at Avecto to create a design that would bring the site and brand to life online. Knowing it would continue to evolve as Avecto grew we ensured our approach could move easily with the brand.

Simplifying content management

At the heart of a successful website is a great CMS experience yet, as obvious as it sounds, we find it’s often overlooked. Just like visitors to the website the people using Avecto’s CMS would arrive seeking complete a variety of tasks and want to use the system in different ways.

We know that the user experience within the CMS is crucial to ultimately getting the best out of a site. Content authors and administrators need to find it simple, intuitive and really easy to use. Working hard with the team at Avecto we got this right and managed hit the sweet-spot. The feedbacks been fantastic and the team has gone on to publish lots of content with ease.


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Helping Avecto thrive

Avecto chose to work with us knowing we could deliver the site and system they needed and we’ve been working with them ever since. The site is very successful and we’ve continued helping them evolve, adapt and develop in a fast-moving market.

We’ve seen that creating a true online brand and clear product profiles really improved audience and pre-sales engagement whilst giving them easy to use content tools has enabled greater control, better organisation and a better site.

As with all our projects, our team worked closely with Avecto to develop a solution which really addressed their key challenges and needs. If you have a project, why not get in touch with us to see what we can offer?

Delivering value